Smart Machines, the future of Industrial Machines is here.

With the Machine Builder 4.0 suite your machines become Smart Machines

  • digital_services_4.0

    Digital Services 4.0

    Not only 'Connections 4.0', but above all pre-integrated solutions for the availability of intelligent data on the operation of the machines, process optimization, expertise and data-driven remote consultancy for greater added value and a faster return on the investment of your own end users.

    • Sale to End Users of cloud and on premise interfaces ready, with machine data
    • Smart data sales (KPI, OEE) built with the internal competence of the machine manufacturer
    • Drivers in the powerful Alleantia Library of Things, also for lead generation
  • new_business_model

    New Business Models

    'Just in time' spare parts, consumables, guaranteed rental machines, with optimized leasing on production, and / or 'pay per production' (servitization).

    The availability of data generated by the machines enables the creation of new added value and new paradigms of use of production assets thanks to:

    • Automatic integration of machine data in CRM for the sale of spare parts, consumables and services
    • Process and sell smart data
    • Rental
    • Pay per use
  • cyber_security

    Cyber Security

    MacBuilder 4.0 offers cyber security standards at the highest levels actually available on the market.

    Features increasingly appreciated in a rapidly evolving industrial context, which sees the enhancement of the use and management of industrial assets remotely and in smart working. A modular, progressive, scalable offer to operate in an interconnected and secure way:

    • Secure Hardware
    • Secure software architecture
    • Secure Communication
    • Secure User Access
    • Secure traffic (SOC integration)
    • Secure connection (PAM Integration)



What is Mac Builder 4.0?

It is the new solution that includes various innovative services, fromTELESERVICE, to ALARM NOTIFICATIONS, up to PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE that Alleantia has designed especially for Machines Manufacturers (OEM) who want to transform their machines into Smart Machines to solve problems and the need for greater efficiency in the use of production assets for the benefit of end customers.


A complete 4.0 suite with services and features suited to the needs of the new industrial world, thanks to which machine manufacturers ensure the continuous innovation and sustainability of the competitiveness of their products and their after-sales services in a 4.0 key, transferring to the end- use the profitability benefits of using them throughout the life cycle of the investment.


With Alleantia's Industry 4.0 solutions, the offer of machine manufacturers is enriched.

With Alleantia's SUITE MACHINE BUILDER 4.0  all machine manufacturers can transform their own and customers' problems and needs, enhancing their digital business opportunities.



 Interconnect entire production lines, digitize your machines to be able to easily insert them in industrial IoT contexts, and much more.
 Apply artificial intelligence to the testing and operation phases of machinery.
  • Teleservice
  • Alarm Notification (Email)
  • Alarm Notification (WhatsApp)
  • Remote access to machine data
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Ticketing
  • Augmented Reality


Advanced and retain remote assistance services


Maximum efficiency and productivity thanks to IoT data

Tracking and monetization of support services

Ability to offer multi-year Full Service subscription plans



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