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Alleantia IIoT Edge Gateway
TeamViewer IoT

Alleantia integrates TeamViewer IoT

Together, Alleantia and TeamViewer enable operators to plug and play (PnP) connect about 90 percent of all industrial machines to the cloud in order to easily and remotely monitor, analyze, and program machinery.


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Some manufacturers may hesitate to digitalize their installed base on the shop floor because they believe their machines lack digital readiness due to any or all of the following: 

The TeamViewer IoT integration with Alleantia IIoT Edge Gateway solves all those problems.


Built to offer simplicity, scalability, reliability, speed of implementation, and security Alleantia is a leader in plug and play (PnP) software solutions for the industrial internet of things (IIoT). Alleantia helps customers achieve maximum efficiency by providing a complete convergence of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT), integrating manufacturing systems, sensors, and devices with back-end hardware and software.


How to integrate Alleantia IIoT Edge Gateway with TeamViewer IoT

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    Extend Machine Life
    Save money by enabling legacy machines and applications to become integral parts or your IoT configuration
    Reduce maintenance costs by minimizing on-site interventions with remote expert help for shop floor machines
    Improve operating processes and reduce service reaction time by adding the ability to connect to any shop floor machine from anywhere, any time and getting actionable data for predictive maintenance and new business value applications
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    TeamViewer IoT and Alleantia allows you to instantly connect PLUG&PLAY, monitor, and operate manufacturing assets– securely, quickly, and across locations.


    Connecting any New and Legacy Machines to the Cloud. Discover the Key Benefits and the solution: Fully integrated, TeamViewer IoT and Alleantia enable you to connect your machines with all leading IIoT applications.
    Your machines become Smart Machines!


    Alleantia's SUITE MACHINE BUILDER 4.0 allows machine manufacturers to transform their own and customers' requirements and needs, enhancing their digital business opportunities. Ticketing systems, TeleService 4.0 and AR applications can be integrated and managed by one single point easily.